Alaskan Jr Stove

Alaskan Jr Stove
As rugged as our Alaskan stove, the Alaskan Junior has the same front as the Alaskan, differing only in its depth, which is 18 inches instead of 24, meaning it is lighter and burns a four inch shorter piece of wood.

Rugged and large, each stove is handmade in the United States to insure top quality. The Alaskan Junior can be set up with attachments on two sides (tables and/or water tanks. Other accessories for the Alaskan Junior are: tapered pipe(which comes in four 16" sections), spark arrestor, and a stack robber. You choose your own arrangement. The tables can sit on top of the water tanks. Most items fit inside the stove for easy packing and storage.

The stove pipe for the Alaskan Jr. consists of four 16" section of tapered pipe. It is a little bit shorter than the pipe designed for the Alaskan and Packer, this way it can fit inside the stove for storage.


• 20" high, 12" wide and 18" long
• Storage size: 12" x 12" x 18"
• Fire box size: 11 1/2" x 10 3/4" x 17 1/4"
• Made with 22 gauge cold rolled steel)
• 5" stove pipe hole (works with our 5"- 4" tapered pipe)
• Weight 15 lbs

Alaskan Jr Camp Stove
Alaskan Jr Standard Package
Alaskan Jr Deluxe Package

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What's included in each stove package:

  Stove  Standard Package  Deluxe Package 
Damper Sleeve  
Spark Arrestor  
Water Tank